Our Goal
Our Immediate Goal

Our immediate goal is to create a thirty-minute pilot with a $20,000 budget. Sweet Feenies creator, Susan Gordon, has spent the past four years saving $10,000 for the pilot’s production, which means our creative team is reaching out to private investors and using crowdfunding to fundraise $10,000 more.

Scroll down to find out how your help will make our dreams come true in our show's budget breakdown.

Dream Scenario

Our crews are predominantly made up of students who met in the film program at the University of New Orleans. We have all spent years dedicated to our craft to create opportunities for ourselves and each other.

With ‘Sweet Feenies’ added to the mix of projects produced by our creative team, we will only be strengthening the community and careers we have built together. Our dream goal is to have our entire first season produced through a network, or streaming platform, rather independently produced.

Our Budget

With regard to funding, we aim to focus our efforts on production design and cast. We aim to use social media to raise awareness for this, through developing engaging content across various platforms. Our target is $2,000 for these extremities.

As you can see from the chart above, the largest part of our budget is being allocated to hiring actors. 25% of funds will be used to find principle cast and extras. Our director Karl Koo's philosophy towards this is;

The joint second largest budget cost is make-up. We want to make the vampires the stars of the show; and an effective way to do this is to use professional effects. The use use of practical make-up and makeup artists will enhance our production value as well as onscreen scares. We are working with experienced make-up artist Elena Martinez Moreno to create our scare factor.

In order to make our film we will require two key indoor locations, a home and a warehouse. These locations won’t come without a fee and in order for us to match this, we’ll need your help. We believe if we can get these locations it will elevate our films production value and give our film a more professional and realistic back drop. If our budget even stretches, we will aim for Victoria Baths, a location used by BBC's "Peaky Blinders".