Sketches & Concept Videos
Over the years creating the concept of Sweet Feenies we’ve written and filmed sketches and concept videos to test out the shows comedy and style. Check them out below!
Sweet Feenies Concept Trailer
The Sweet Feenies concept trailer was a great way to practice our mix-media production design. We were also able to see all three of our main characters come to life!
Clinton the Pickle
Watch Clinton, a sentient pickle, discover the good and bad qualities of humans after he travels to earth to make true friends. This sketch stars musician and artist, Daniel Alexander. More of his work can be found at:
Burrito Bedtime Storytime
Sue and Gruff get cozy over a magical, choose-your-own-adventure book that only adds a new page if you read it out loud while your farting.
Scrambeled Egg Face
Join Sue and Gruff for a regal and ravenous morning meal!
Join the ‘Sweet Feenies’ team to learn more about the show, it’s main protagonist, and how you can help us make our pilot and make our dreams come true.
What is Sweet Feenies?
Join the creator of ‘Sweet Feenies,’ to learn more about the show and what inspired it!
Who is Sue Fearson?
Join the writers of ‘Sweet Feenies’ to learn more about our protagonist, Sue Fearson!
Who is Susan Gordon?
Join the producers of ‘Sweet Feenies’ to learn what it takes to make a pilot!