What is Sweet Feenies?
The Show

Show Synopsis: Sue Fearson discovers a portal in her apartment’s coat closet, where strange and wacky creatures called Sweet Feenies come out and make her adult-life zany!

Mission Statement: Sweet Feenies is a kid show for adults. Our goal is to tackle the growing pains and darker realities of modern life through the lens of strange characters in a wacky world. This is our way of diffusing the current human experience without taking away its significance or meaning.

What Is A Feenie?

Sweet Feenies are interdimensional individuals who’ve traveled through portals to worlds other than their own. From carnivorous soprano snakes to sentient scrambled eggs, Feenies can appear as anything and everything.

They are born explorers and adventurers, possessing the courage to take risks in order to live the lives they’ve always wanted.

Feenies are destined to change things, because it’s their destiny to be different.

The World

Sweet Feenies is like a 90s Nickelodeon show - fantastical, weird, exciting and colorful, but swirled with the bold humor and insight of more mature, contemporary shows like the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “The Mighty Boosh.”

Our main goal is to develop a series where all types of creators - puppeteers, cartoonists, stop-motion animators, VFX and SPFX makeup artists - can collaborate in one world, designing and bringing to life its inhabitants. The portal in Sue’s closet allows for so many creative minds to showcase their work.

Sue’s portal can be thought of like a bus station rather than a single door. Passing through can take you to one of many, many different places. As such, Feenies that arrive through the portal can be from any one of these worlds. This gives our team the freedom to bring anyone and anything into Sue’s apartment.

The Process: Before and After
Portal Voices
Scrambled Egg Face
Clinton the Pickle
Opera Snake
Tentacle Monster
Jack Hyde
Dullman City